RTG Seminars

Upcoming seminar

Winter semester 2022/23


Past seminars

Summer semester 2022
Topic: Topological Data Analysis (schedule and list of talks)
5. to 8. September 2022


Summer semester 2022
Topic: Group (Co)Homology (schedule and list of talks)


Winter semester 2021/22
Topic: Ph.D. student's own research (04.10.21 - 08.10.21 in Heidelberg)


Winter semester 2019/20 (Postponed to Summer semester 2020)
Topic: K-Theory (schedule and list of talks).


Summer semester 2019
Topic: Differential forms (schedule and list of talks).


Winter semester 2018/19
Topic: Rational homotopy and minimal models (schedule).


Summer semester 2018
Topic: Doctoral student's own research (schedule).


Winter semester 2017/18
Topic: Characteristic classes (schedule).


Summer semester 2017
Topic: The geometries of 3-manifolds (schedule).


Winter semester 2016/17
Topic: Lie theory (schedule).