Mathematics outside of Academia

Series of talks within the framework of the RTG 2229

Mathematicians are trained problem solvers. Their strengths are the analytical thinking and their ability to become swiftly familiar with new tasks and problems.

Unlike other fields of study, Mathematicians are not trained for a specific job profile.

With this series of talks we would like to provide a diverse insight into different job possibilities for mathematicians. We invite mathematicians to talk about the role of mathematics in their job, what skills are
important in their daily work and how they have obtained their job.




Markus Schierle, Senior Developer at SAP
June 19th, 2018


Panel Discussion "Mathematics outside of Academia"
Guests: Pascal Krohn, Markus Schmiederer
February 17th, 2018
Hohenwart Forum Pforzheim


Andreas Samberg, HMS Analytical Software
January 23rd, 2018