Promoting Family Friendliness and Equal Opportunities



Commitment - Family friendly environment

We are committed to create family-friendly environment for members of the RTG and visiting scientists.


Measures for a family friendly environment

  • Family-friendly working hours
  • Flexible work solutions
  • Office with integrated children’s playroom
  • All parents in the RTG have access to permanent offers at KIT and at Heidelberg University for all-day care, holiday and emergency care


Commitment towards a better gender balance



Measures towards a better gender balance

  • Distinguished female visitors
  • Mentoring program
  • Network building and raising awareness
  • get-togethers with female leaders (open to all members)
  • discussion sessions
  • Active recruitment in women’s academic network


Further, we are supported by Diversity management unit at KIT and the equal opportunities office at Heidelberg University.


Mentoring Programs


UPSTREAM Mentoring Network: Prof. Anna Wienhard created the UPSTREAM mentoring network,
which is run jointly by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science with the Heidelberg
Graduate School MathComp. The networking program aims at young female mathematicians and scientists in all levels of education in which the focus is on the exchange of information about their experiences, research and careers in STEM.


Networks for Female Mathematicians


All female RTG members are encouraged to join a network for female Mathematician/Scientists. The regular events of those networks and other special events aimed at women in Mathematics are well frequented by female members of our RTG members.

European Women in Mathematics network


RTG fireside chats


Fireside chats organized by the RTG are informal discissions or talks on special gender topics.


Talk by Myriam Bechtold (EBS University): ”Winners who think they are losers – the impostor phenomenon"     
27 February 2019


Fireside chat with Annette Werner (after RTG colloquium)
February 6th, 2018, Heidelberg


Diskussionsabend "Karriere in Wissenschaft & Wirtschaft - Perspektiven für Mathematikerinnen"
December 15th, 2017, Karlsruhe
Dorothe Bahns (Göttingen) and Anja Berner (ERGO Group). Only for female members of the RTG


External Events with RTG participation


Kurswechsel 2020
September 28th - 29th


ISINA - Interdisziplinäres Symposium für Frauen im MINT-Bereich including a Best-Poster-Award
March 25th - 26th, 2019

X-Ment - Mentoring program of KIT
Applications for X-Ment 2017-2019 until October 3rd, 2017

Podcast: "Der Modellansatz: Modell 142 - Gender und Mathematik"

Third Meeting for Young Women in Mathematics
February 12th - 14th, 2018