January 26th, 2021

  • 10:15 - Surgery theory and the Farrell-Jones conjecture - Lecture 5


    At the end of the last lecture, I gave the statement of the Farrell-Jones conjecture for torsion-free groups. In this lecture, I will start by explaining some background details of what the conjecture means and after that, I will introduce the notion of classifying spaces for families, setting the stage for the formulation of the full Farrell-Jones conjecture.



    13:30 - Kähler groups and Geometric Group Theory - Lecture 6



    In the final lecture of this course, I will present Kotschick's proof that the only 1-relator Kähler groups are orbisurface groups with at most one cone point. It will rely on combining the Albanese map and the Siu-Beauville Theorem with results on l2-Betti numbers. In particular, it provides an application of the results about the Albanese map and dimension introduced in the last lecture.



    15:30 - PhD Seminar organizational meeting