April 23th, 2024

  • Speaker:

    Francesco Fournier-Facio (University of Cambridge)

  • Title:
    Bounded cohomology and displacement.

    Bounded cohomology is a functional-analytic analogue of group cohomology that is central to rigidity theory, dynamics, geometric topology, and geometric group theory. A major drawback is the failure of excision, which renders even basic computations currently out of reach.

    One of the few cases where non-trivial computations are possible is transformation groups with certain displacement properties that are classically used in homology and stable commutator length. I will introduce a new algebraic criterion that captures this, is satisfied in many interesting settings, and implies vanishing in all degrees and with a large class of coefficients.

    Joint with Caterina Campagnolo, Yash Lodha, and Marco Moraschini

    09:30-11:00 RTG lecture 1 (Alexander Thomas), SR. 2.058
    11:00-11:30 Get-Together with Speaker, SR. 2.058
    11:45-12:45 Colloquium: Francesco Fournier-Facio, SR. 1.067
    13:15 Lunch at Max Rubner Institute | Daily Menu
    14:30 Coffee in math building, SR. 1.058
    14:45-15:15 Informal meeting of PhD students, Room 1.062
    15:15-16:45 RTG lecture 2 (Alexander Thomas), SR. 1.067

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