Workshop on Finiteness properties

Our goal is to bring together experts on finiteness properties of groups and spaces with young reasearchers in related areas. We expect that this will lead to new connections and interactions and introduce new people to the field. To achieve this, our workshop will offer an attractive mix of minicourses and research talks.

Dates and Place

Karlsruhe, 23 February 2022 - 25 February 2022. 

Mini course speakers

Kai-Uwe Bux
Ian Leary


Tobias Hartnick, Claudio Llosa, Roman Sauer, Stefan Witzel

To contact the organisers please send an email to finiteness∂


We recommend the Hotel am Markt for participants of the workshop. To book a room there, please contact them directly (info∂ Other hotels we can recommend are the Leonardo Hotel, the Novotel Karlsruhe City and the Achat Hotel Karlsruhe City.


Below you find the schedule for the workshop. You will be able to register from 09:00 on Wednesday.

The registration and the Wednesday morning talks will take place in the Maths building (Englerstraße 2, Building 20.30) -- the registration will take place in the Foyer on the ground floor and the talks in room SR1.067 on the first floor. From Wednesday afternoon we will be in the NTI Lecture hall (Engesserstraße 5, Building 30.10). We will show you the way there on Wednesday.

Abstracts and Titles

You find the abstracts and titles for the talks here.

List of participants

You find a list of registered participants of the workshop here.

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Current Corona rules

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In Karlsruhe (and the surrounding state of Baden-Wurttemberg) the following rules currently apply:

  • To attend the talks of the workshop you need to be vaccinated or recovered according to the above rules ("2G").

  • FFP2 masks need to be worn in (most) public indoor spaces

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The registration period is expired. (2021-12-06 00:01:00 - 2022-02-06 23:59:00)